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Call to end Non-Disclosure Agreements in Universities

Government, universities and whistle blowing campaigners have jointly called for victims of sexual harassment in universities not to be silenced by Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs),

Encouraged by the Higher Education Minister Michelle Donelan, by the end of January 2022 fourteen universities had signed up to a pledge promising not to use NDAs in dealing with complaints of sexual misconduct, bullying, and other forms of harassment. Michelle Donelan said that “sexual harassment is horrendous and complainants should never be bought or bullied into silence simply to protect the reputation of their university. Such agreements make it harder for other victims to come forward and help hide perpetrators behind a cloak of anonymity”.

The Minister is calling on other Vice Chancellors to back the “moral contract” and all universities that have signed up are listed on #Can’tBuyMySilence’s website.