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Inquiry at the Royal College of Nursing reveals a “bullying and misogynistic culture”


An inquiry into the Royal College of Nursing has revealed a bullying, misogynistic and sexual culture, and a senior leadership team “riddled with division, dysfunction and distrust”. The independent investigation by Bruce Carr KC has strongly criticised the RCN’s male-dominated ruling council as “not fit for purpose”, being seen by many as a “bullying and misogynistic environment in which women and those from the black, Asian and minority ethnic community are not welcome”.


Carr highlighted that 60% of the RCN council is male – despite the nursing union’s membership being almost 90% female. It added that membership of the council also did not reflect the 45% of RCN members who are black, Asian or minority ethnic.

RCN general secretary and chief executive Pat Cullen has committed to the overhaul of the RCN following the review, adding that investigations had been launched into specific incidents referred to the report.