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Latest figures show further increase in ET claims

The most recent quarterly report (January – March 2018) from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) shows a 118% increase in single case Employment Tribunal Claims compared to the same period in 2017.

From October to December 2013 following the introduction of Tribunal Fees and until their abolition in July 2017, the number of single cases remained relatively stable – around 4,300 per quarter. However since then single claims have more than doubled, with the 9,252 in this most recent quarter.

Consequently the outstanding caseload has also increased, by 89%. The average time for a disposal is now 27 weeks, although this is slightly down on the previous quarter.

The report also highlights that in the first six months of the ET fee remission scheme (October 2107 – march 2018) 9500 applications resulted in 7,700 refunds, with a total value of £6.56m.