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New B3sixty Director brings diversity and inclusion experience to the team

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Vijay Krishnarayan as a Director at B3sixty.

Vijay brings more than 30 years of senior public and voluntary sector management experience to the company.  He worked at NCVO in the 1990s before moving to the Caribbean where he was based for 10 years focussed on sustainable development. Vijay went on to become the Director-General of the Commonwealth Foundation.

On his appointment, Vijay said “I’ve been a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion, whether in civil society, the public sector or international development. I’m really pleased that B3sixty gets it and wants to bring this perspective to its practice.”

Fellow Director Clive Bane said, “We’re pleased to welcome Vijay, particularly as we build our expertise in the use of investigative reviews as a means of identifying and finding ways to overcome cultural issues that are blocking effective organisational working practices and behaviour.”