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PPMA launches campaign to tackle public sector bullying

The Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA has launched a campaign to treat bullying in the public sector as a public health issue. The ‘Out of The Shadows’ campaign aims to gather the largest dataset on harassment and bullying within the public sector ever collated. A range of high-profile cases of harassment and bullying in the sector has confirmed the need to take formal action. The plan is to inform better legislation and encourage fuller understanding of the issue.

A driver for the campaign is an acceptance that HR has not always dealt well with accusations of bullying.

The campaign will make the link between bullying and the impact on an individual’s mental and physical health and on personal relationships, making it in PPMA’s view a public health issue.

A survey targeted towards those who have experienced or witnessed bullying, and towards trade union representatives and HR professionals who are involved in resolving the issues will also form part of the campaign.