Building Resilience to Thrive through Crisis – Recording of Webinar 4th June 2020

B3sixty was pleased to work in partnership with Emma Bell ( in presenting this webinar. Emma spent 3 years travelling over 35,000 miles around the world to interview some of the world’s most resilient people, in order to understand the key strategies that we can all apply to thrive in the face of everyday challenges. Emma says she didn’t imagine she would be coaching and speaking on these vital strategies in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, but that is the reality. In this webinar Emma shares the stories of those she interviewed and their practical strategies that are so resonant for today, and highlights the two most relevant of the nine key resilience strategies developed during her research. Here you can learn about how to build a resilient mindset and the 10 key self-care strategies to maintain wellbeing during lockdown (see also the PDF in this Resource Centre).