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Sellafield staff claim ‘toxic culture’ at nuclear site.


A letter from the ethnic minority network at Sellafield, leaked to the BBC, has revealed multiple allegations of racial abuse. The letter, initially sent to the company’s board detailed a series of twenty seven incidents of racism, including racist taunts and anti-Muslim comments at a training course. It said a number of staff have left the organisation after allegations were not followed up. The signatories said they feared that if they complained they could be branded as ‘troublemakers’ and victimised, and urged the company to acknowledge there is a problem with racism and to commit to better education and training.

A senior female consultant who is now taking a case to Employment Tribunal has also claimed there is “rampant bullying” in the organisation. Another former manager resigned after suffering a breakdown he believes was caused by bullying, and is now pursuing a disability discrimination claim.

Sellafield, which employs around 10,000 staff at their site in Cumbria, refuted the claims, with a spokesperson saying there is no place for bullying and harassment at Sellafield, and where  they find it they take action. “We closely monitor our progress, including seeking the views of our workforce through working groups and surveys. We accept we have more work to do in this area, but we remain as committed as ever to eradicating unacceptable behaviour from our workplace.”