Research perspectives

CIPD study shows LGBT+ employees more likely to experience conflict and harassment at work


A survey of more than 15,000 workers has found that 40 per cent of LGBT+ employees and 55 per cent of trans workers experienced conflict in the workplace over the last year, compared to just 29 per cent heterosexual and cisgender employees.

The survey was part of the CIPD’s LGBT+ working lives report, also found that 16 per cent of LGBT+ workers and 18 per cent of trans employees felt psychologically unsafe in their workplace, compared with just 10 per cent of heterosexual workers.

The CIPD report concludes that many organisations have been slow to make headway in this area, and that the handling of conflict and harassment must improve. If adds that employers need to develop a greater understanding of the specific experiences – and needs – of LGBT+ employees, particularly when it comes to building awareness and taking action on trans policies and practices.