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Frontline workers suffered bullying, racism and harassment during the pandemic, EHRC finds

The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) has reported that lower-paid health and social care workers in frontline roles experienced bullying, racism, and harassment at work during the Covid-19 pandemic but felt unable to raise their concerns
The findings are the result of a UK-wide inquiry commissioned in November 2020.

The EHRC also said that the severity of the discrimination faced by ethnic minority workers may have been masked by poor data collection on the part of the agencies responsible for supplying staff including porters, cleaners, security staff and care workers; and that to prevent discrimination passing unnoticed robust workforce data is crucial.

In Wales the inquiry found that ethnic minority workers lacked trust in workplace systems and feared negative repercussions if they raised concerns about work conditions, and that some workers had experienced barriers in accessing training opportunities or struggled to find out about basic entitlements such as holiday and sick pay.