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Half of neurodivergent employees miss work due to lack of support

Half of neurodivergent employees have taken time off work due to their neurodivergence, City & Guilds’ annual Neurodiversity Index found. This increased 5% from last year.

The report, produced in collaboration with neurodiverse IT provider Do-IT, revealed that 36% of neurodivergent employees claimed to have not received any guidance or support for adjusting their workplace setting. Nearly a fifth (18%) reported that they didn’t know where to go for help in their organisation. 20% indicated that they are still waiting for adjustments to be put in place – up from 18% in 2018.

The survey also found that 39% of neurodiverse employees have neurodiverse children.  Of those with neurodiverse children, 36% claimed their child impacted their work. Yet 28% of organisations report not having made any accommodations for the parents of neurodiverse children. However around a third (33%) of organisations reported having plans to introduce support for neurodiverse parents in future.