Research perspectives

Islamophobia affects majority of Muslims at work, recent research finds

An overwhelming majority of Muslim employees in the UK are suffering religious abuse at work. Research by the media platform Hyphen and market research company Savanta ComRes found 69% of Muslim workers have suffered some form of Islamophobia while at work.

The abuse came from both internal and external sources. 44% experienced Islamophobia while engaging with customers or clients, while 42% experienced discrimination during work social events and a further 38% witnessed abuse during team meetings.

Abuse was experienced before workers started a job with over one third citing  discrimination at the recruitment stage. This figure rose to 58% for black Muslim workers.

The research also found that Islamophobia plays a part in halting career progression, with discrimination during annual reviews and appraisals felt by 32% of respondents and 40% experecning similar behaviour when it came to promotion.