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Manager bad behaviour causes one in five resignations

A survey of 2,000 UK workers by ‘Glassdoor’ has found that one in five employees will resign because of an annoying boss, and over two thirds are likely to encounter bad manager behaviour at some point in their working lives. The most common issue was ‘disrespectful’ behaviour, flagged by 43% of respondents. 34% claimed that their manager had a ‘negative attitude’, while 7% were subjected to sexist comments on a regular basis.

While two-fifths of respondents said they tried to ignore an annoying manager, the survey found that a similar number had skipped work because of a terrible boss, 20% had been forced to take sick leave and 21% had resigned.  Over one in ten sought to move within their organisation to escape.

The survey backs up recent CIPD data published earlier this year suggesting that senior managers lack the interpersonal skills necessary to effectively manage staff – 53% described their people skills as ‘ineffective’, whilst scoring themselves much higher on technical ability and financial management.