Research perspectives

Policy and practice not meeting where discrimination is concerned

Nearly one in four employees (23%) say they or a colleague have been discriminated against in the past 12 months. This is the conclusion of research undertaken by Learnlight, an educational technology and language skills training company.

Despite these results just over half (51%) of respondents reported that their employer had a policy to promote diversity and inclusion. One in three employees (30%) said their organisation’s policy was ‘usually’ adhered to but that sometimes senior managers got around it and HR didn’t prevent this from happening. Another 9% thought their company’s policy was just a “box ticking” exercise. Half felt that the policy was strictly adhered to.

The research also found that 22% aren’t certain their workplace is truly diverse, with 19% saying it definitely isn’t and 3% being unsure. The issue is more pronounced higher up the ranks, with four in 10 (40%) respondents not convinced their workplace is diverse at senior level.