Research perspectives

Poll shows sexist attitudes still a major factor at work

A YouGov poll of senior HR professionals and people managers, commissioned by the Young Women’s Trust charity, has revealed that 37% of female respondents across both groups agreed sexist behaviour still existed in their organisation. 22 per cent of male HR professionals and people managers shared this view.

Sexist attitudes are holding a significant number of women back, the survey suggests. Among the findings:

– 9 per cent of male managers claimed men were better suited to management jobs than women

– 14 per cent of men said male workers had better IT skills than their female counterparts.

– 27 per cent of female managers said it was “harder for women to progress in my organisation than men”, compared to 11 per cent of men who believe this to be the case.

The trust says that the figures show very little change on last year’s results, despite moves to improve women’s equality such as gender pay gap reporting.