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Protect survey shows whistleblowing law needs fixing

As part of its Let’s Fix UK Whistleblowing Law campaign the Whistleblowing charity Protect commissioned a YouGov survey of 2,005 people in March-April 2021 to find out how UK workers felt about whistleblowing in their workplaces.

The survey asked if the respondents knew how to raise a whistleblowing concern at work. 31% answered Yes, with a further 38% saying no, but thought they could find out if they needed to. The remaining 31% didn’t know.

Responses varied considerably by sector with staff in Financial services (50%) the most positive, with Health and Education each just over 40%. The lowest positive responses were in Retail (15%) and Hospitality & Leisure (22%).

A second question probed whether staff knew if their employer has a whistleblowing policy. 43% believed they had, 11% said no and a further 46% didn’t know.